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 OLIB WebView

The Web interface to OLIB7

The Advanced Search page is used to find items using a combination of up to four different fields.

To use: Select the field you want to search in in the Search in field. Then enter the search term in the entry field to the right of this field. Select up to three other fields to search using the And in fields, together with search terms in the associated entry fields.

For each field, you can specify whether the search should be an exact match (tick the Match exactly check box) or a truncated search (tick the First part of field check box).

The number of hits or results which you require per page can be tailored to your specification.

eg. If you retrieve 73 results and hits is on 20, you will get 4 pages.

If there are filtering options available, you will find this information  at the bottom of the page.

Once you have entered your search term(s), click on the Go button.

If you have any other queries on title and name searching, the assistants at the help desk will be happy to help you.