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 OLIB WebView

The Web interface to OLIB7

The Name Only search page is used to find names used in the catalogue.

The 'author' can be a corporation, company or group and need not be restricted to one or more individuals.

To use: in the author or corporate name box, enter the surname or the name of the corporation. This need not be a complete name. If you know a complete name and do not want other names to appear, then check the whole name field. For example, searching for Cooper and ticking the whole name field will not retrieve names beginning with "co-operative".

Where the initials of a name are known, enter them in the appropriate field. e.g. A.B. This will retrieve items which have 2 or more initials starting with A.B.

The number of hits or results which you require per page can be tailored to your specification. For example, if you retrieve 73 results and hits is on 20 then you will get 4 pages.

If there are filtering options available, you will find these options at the bottom of the page.

Once you have entered your search term(s), click on the Go button.

If you have any other queries on name searching, the assistants at the help desk will be happy to help you.